World’s largest manufacturer of certified hygienic levelling systems
Investment year:2014
Sector:Niche Industrials
Turnover:DKK 200 million
Number of employees:100

NGI A/S (founded in 1991) is the world’s largest manufacturer of certified hygienic levelling systems. The company has a global market leadership position and exports to +50 countries worldwide. Products are engineered, manufactured and sold directly from the headquarters in Denmark. NGI also has a subsidiary in the US and sales offices in Spain and Italy. NGI is especially skilled when it comes to customer consulting, efficient production and short world-wide lead times. Additionally, the company focuses on continuous product innovations and holds several patents and design protections for new and innovative hygienic leveling systems. For continuous years NGI has experienced double-digit growth rates and is today preferred supplier and trusted advisor for multiple global brand owners. NGI received Børsens Gazelle Award and The Patent Office’s Innovation Award in 2013. Visit for additional information.