About Puuilo

Puuilo is a DIY focused discount retailer in Finland. Its strong competitiveness is based on everyday low prices, a superior cost structure and a uniquely broad assortment in its focus product categories.

The Journey

Goal to build an infrastructure that enables concept to grow at its full potential Key Highlights:
  • Renewed entire IT infrastructure (ERP, PMS, online store, etc)
  • Significantly strengthened management team (in cooperation with founding family)
  • Doubled new store opening pace from 2 to 4 per year
  • Like-for-like growth of roughly 10% per year
  • 26% topline organic CAGR and 5x organic growth in EBITA 2015-20
  • Successful IPO on Nasdaq Helsinki main list in June 2021

Financial Development

26% annualized growth