We invest in Nordic based, middle-market companies

Gustav Bard

Investment team

We are Adelis Equity Partners

Our goal is to become the pre-eminent private equity firm focused on the Nordic lower middle market


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Steffen Thomsen

Investment team

Jan Åkesson

Investment team

Our collective experience

More than 100 years of combined experience of acquiring and developing companies

Jacob Frandsen

Investment team

Erik Hallert

Investment team


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Rasmus Molander

Investment team

Adelis as an owner

Adelis is a well-capitalized and experienced owner that can provide the financial resources and the expertise required to develop companies in an optimal way

Our investors

Our investors are primarily pension funds, life insurers, foundations and endowments in Europe and North America

Joel Russ

Investment team

Lene Sandvoll Stern

Investment team

Johan Seger


Adalbjörn Stefansson

Investor Relations